Logan Paul Infuriates Social Media With Video of Dead Body Hanging From Tree

YouTube star Logan Paul is no stranger to stirring up controversy, but his latest video has viewers furious across the Internet.

In a video titled "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest," (the video has since been taken down) Paul showed clips of he and his friends wandering through the Aokigahara forest near Mt. Fuji and found a body hanging on a tree via a noose.

The suicide victim's face was blurred, but Paul and company zoomed the camera in and got closer. Paul was heard making the comment "You never stand next to a dead guy?" before laughing.

The 15-minute video, which also included Paul's vacation throughout Japan, generated over six million views before it was taken down. Paul's name started trending on Twitter on Monday afternoon, as various viewers voiced their outrage over what they felt were thoughtless actions by both Paul and YouTube as a company for allowing the video to stay up.


The video was pulled down later in the afternoon, followed by a statement tweeted out by Paul.