Lion Lunges at Children as They Film While Leaning out Car Window

A video showing a lion scaring a pair of children in a national park is going viral.

The clip, which can be seen above, shows a lion and lioness lounging at Kruger National Park in South Africa. A group of cars are shown around the animals, with two children hanging out on the vehicle's windows to take photos.

The lion seems to get tired of being watched, jumps up suddenly and lunges slightly towards the vehicle housing the children. The kids retreat back into car quickly after the alarming motion.

No further action is taken by the animals, they simply walk off together after the quick scare.

While this might not seem much for the kids to have been scared by, this video comes at the heels of another scary incident at Kruger National Park.


A lion was caught on video popping a family's tire on their vehicle with its own teeth.

Luckily this particular big cat was less aggressive and just wanted to get away from the situation, as opposed to tackling it head on.