LeBron James NBA Finals Reaction Photo Becomes Social Media's New Favorite Meme

Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals provided fans with the first great meme of the series, thanks to LeBron James' priceless reaction to J.R. Smith's game-losing mistake.

At the end of regulation, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a chance to pull off the upset by starting the series with a win over the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. George Hill made the first of two free throws to tie the game, reports USA Today. He missed the second, but the Cavs still had a shot to win the game since they got the ball back on the rebound.

Unfortunately, Smith ended up with the ball, not James. Rather than pass the ball immediately to James, he dribbled it out. He passed the ball to Hill, whose shot was missed as time expired. The game went into overtime and the Warriors won, 124-111. James finished the game with 51 points, but it still wasn't enough.

The scene at the end of regulation gave NBA fans a hilarious image of James looking frustrated and trying to figure out what exactly was going on in Smith's head. That scene gave birth to countless memes and jokes.

"#NBAFinals Game 1 Recap: 'When I leave Cleveland a second time, I’m going in this direction.' - @KingJames," radio host Damon Bruce wrote.

"This is how I look when I’m trying to get my wife to understand what I’m saying," Panthers wide receiver Torrey Smith joked.

"When your homie got KFC instead of Popeyes," added one fan.

"When you leave all the doors open but your dog poops in the house anyway," one reporter joked.

Even Joel Embiid and other NBA players could not believe what Smith did.

"Did he think they were up one?" Dirk Nowitzki asked.

DeMarcus Cousins tweeted a thinking emoji, then a face palm emoji.

"Bron so mad at cuz," CJ McCollum wrote.

The top scorers for Golden State were Steph Curry with 26 points, Kevin Durant with 26 and Klay Thompson with 24. After James, the Cavs' top scorer was Kevin Love with 21 points. Smith finished the game with 10 points himself.


The Cavs have to wait until Sunday to move beyond this loss. Game 2 is at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Sunday in Oakland.

Photo credit: Twitter