'Law & Order: SVU' Star Ice-T Calls out Rudy Giuliani With NSFW Remark Over 'Nasty' Viral Video

Ice-T joined much of Twitter in poking fun at former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani this week for his behavior during televised press conferences. In one viral video, Giuliani blew his nose into a handkerchief, then used the same cloth to wipe his mouth and forehead. Ice-T seemed to sum up the reaction when he tweeted: "Wow... This MF is naaaassasty."

Ice-T got thousands of likes and retweets for calling Giuliani "nasty" in a video that had Twitter preoccupied for much of Thursday and Friday. Ice-T retweeted it from Democratic consultant Tim Hogan, who re-posted it from TikTok user "sloppy donuts." It was a recording of a TV with a live news broadcast, where Giuliani stood beside the podium apparently waiting his turn to speak. He was there in his capacity as President Donald Trump's lawyer, explaining the next steps in the Trump campaign's legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election results.

Many viewers guessed that Giuliani did not realize he was on camera where he was standing, though others pointed out that he was still standing in front of a live crowd. Many joked that this was the Trump administration's latest way of denying the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, or that Giuliani himself was secretly sick.

This conference was just one of Giuliani's viral moments this week as he continued to peddle conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election. On the same day, while Giuliani spoke at the press conference, lines of an ominous dark liquid trickled down the sides of his face, distracting from what he was saying. Most viewers assumed it was poor quality hair dye mixed with sweat, although hairdressers told The New York Times that this was actually unlikely.

"Hair dye doesn't drip like that, unless it's just been applied, Manhattan barber David Kholdorov said. Instead, stylist Mirko Verangi speculated that Giuliani had likely used mascara or a touch-up pen on his hair, causing the alarming leaks. He said: "Sideburns are more gray than the rest of the head. You can apply mascara to tough the gray side up a bit so it looks more natural."


Whatever the case, some of Giuliani's critics worried that his strange hygiene habits were distracting from what he was saying, which they argue is dangerous for American democracy as a whole. Giuliani continues to insist without evidence that there was widespread voter fraud in the election and that Trump is the real winner. So far, he has presented nothing to back up these claims.