Las Vegas Sheriff Believes Gunman Wanted to Survive and Escape

Las Vegas sheriff: I believe concert shooter had planned to escape hotel after massacre [...]

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo revealed possible new details regarding the shooter's state of mind during the attack.

During a recent press conference, Lombardo said he believes the gunman had plans to escape the hotel after the massacre.

"This is my assumption and only my assumption and nobody has been able to dispel my assumption as of today," he said. "I believe that because of his counter measures placed in the peephole and in the hallway, he observed the security guard and he was in fear that he was about to be breached. He was doing everything possible to figure out how he could escape at that point. His concern was personal concern versus what was occurring down below him."

The measures he spoke about included the gunman's hidden cameras inside of his hotel room and on a food cart outside of his room.

Lombardo theorizes the cameras were in place to tip the shooter off when the police came.

On Tuesday, Lombardo revealed the three of the 58 victims have not been identified.

"We have identified all but three victims," he said. "We still have an active scene at the grounds near Mandalay Bay so we ask anyone to stay away from that area until further notice. The FBI is working diligently to clear that scene."