Krispy Kreme's Possible 'Secret Ingredient' Has Customers Floored

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are widely accepted as some of one of the top sweet fast food treats, thanks to a secret recipe. Since it's still a secret, the exact ingredients are unknown, but there's been widespread speculation about one possible answer: mashed potatoes. This theory has been kicking around the internet for a while now, but it gained more attention after recently migrating to TikTok.

Back on July 25, 2021, TokTok user, @timbosliceoflife12 shared a breathless video claiming to share earthshattering and "absolutely wild" news about Krispy Kreme's secret ingredient. In the end, he said the rumored secret ingredient is mashed potatoes. The news isn't new, but the video garnered over 6,500 likes and over 500 comments from TikTok users.


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Some TikTok users believe there are other reasons why Krisky Kreme doughnuts taste so good. "SUGAR. That's all it is. Just more sugar than other brands," one user bluntly wrote. "I think it's the HOT sign that makes them even better! We have a Dunkin in my town and although they are good, it's just not the same," another added. "Just look at the ingredients: chemicals," another wrote.

The idea that mashed potatoes are involved in the Krispy Kreme recipe dates back at least to an October 2003 Duke Chronicle story. Krispy Kreme founder Vernon Randolph, who died in 1973, allegedly bought a Paducah, Kentucky doughnut shop from French chef Joe LeBeau and inherited a secret yeast-raised recipe that is still in use today. In the 1980s, Krispy Kreme lawyers found out there was no LeBeau. Randolph's son, Carver Randolph, and a historian later discovered there was no such person in Paducah. Carver discovered a LeBoef in Louisville, Kentucky who was well-known for flapjacks, coconut cakes, and doughnuts. However, this LeBeouf died before Carker could interview him.

During Carver's research, he and the historian discovered that the secret recipe could contain cream of fluffed egg whites, mashed potatoes, sugar, shortening, and skim milk that is mixed with flour and fried before the famous glaze is added. However, the only people who can say for certain are those who have access to the company's vaults at its North Carolina headquarters. Carver also believes that his father may have "doctored" the recipe right away since he had to produce 400 doughnuts a day during the company's early success.

Also, potato doughnuts are a real thing and are often referred to as Spudnuts. These are made using mashed potatoes or potato starch in place of flour. There was even a nationwide chain that specialized in them called Spudnut Shops. A list of doughnut shops that sell Spudnuts can be found at