Kimberly Guilfoyle Reveals Donald Trump's Thoughts on Her RNC Speech

After the Republican National Convention, it was said that President Donald Trump called former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle following her energetic speech. While it had not been confirmed immediately after it took place, Guilfoyle has officially brought truth to the rumor after speaking with In her interview, she not only details Trump's thoughts on her speech but admits she feels like she's living her "best life."

"Yea, he absolutely did," she confirmed. "He was totally thrilled with it, loved the speech, said it was outstanding. Said only I could do that with that level of enthusiasm." Viewers had much to say following her moment on center stage, some in full support of her high energy, others poking fun at her. Either way, it's apparent the President approved and is in full support.

"I feel like I'm living my best life and my American dream and I want to make sure that opportunity is provided for future generations, for my son, for everyone's children out there and family members to be able to achieve it. That's why I feel it is the most important election of our lifetime," she confessed. The 51-year-old, who is also dating Donald Trump Jr. noted what the president is capable of doing if re-elected and encouraged the Republican party not to stand down in a time like this. After expressing her opinions on Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, she ended her speech on a high note.

"You are capable! You are qualified! You are powerful and you have the ability to choose your life and determine your destiny!" before calling out the Democratic party saying, "Don't let the Democrats take you for granted. Don't let them step on you. The best is yet to come!" In her interview with the outlet, she did mention that the younger generations big decision is to decide which type of economic plan they want moving forward. "We're already headed in the right direction, but Biden's plan is to raise taxes by more than $4 trillion and impose all of these regulations that literally step on the backs of small businesses, of hard-working men and women, of entrepreneurs and in particular, for PA, the energy industry. It's a no-go." She added that Biden "thinks he has Pennsylvania in his back pocket, but he doesn't."

She also shared her thoughts on who she feels is getting the "brunt" of the pandemic, adding that women are. "[...] When we think about the millions of women that are moms that are also working. They're out there working, they're trying to provide food on the table, plus they're trying to raise their children."