Kim Jong-un: Report Details How North Korean Leader's Stent Procedure Allegedly Went Wrong

According to several reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is in 'grave danger' following a [...]

According to several reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is in "grave danger" following a routine cardiac surgery gone awry. While no confirmation has been released, the 36-year-old leader has been reported as deceased or at least in a vegetative state by several outlets. This includes a report revealing what went wrong with Kim Jong-un's procedure.

According to Shukan Gendai out of Japan, Jong-un "unexpectedly collapsed" earlier in April and was rushed to a nearby hospital according to a member of the Chinese medical team sent to North Korea after the incident. While it is unconfirmed, the magazine cites the Chinese medical team confirmed by Reuters' reporting on the situation.

After being taken to the hospital, it was noted that Kim Jong-un required a routine stent procedure to open a blocked blood vessel using a tube or small piece to hold it open and allow blood to pass.

As i24 News notes, the procedure is not complex on the surface and is considered routine for many doctors in the United States. But the surgeon working on Kim Jong-un was reported to not be used to "dealing with patients with obesity" and was "too nervous" during the procedure, leading to a delay.

This delay led to Kim Jong-un reportedly falling into a "vegetative state" according to the Shukan Gendai report. International Business Times carried a report from Hong Kong Satellite Television that indicated the leader's condition could be worse than just brain death.

Until confirmation comes on Kim Jong-un's condition, many are relying on these reports to get details out of the closed-off nation. As John Delury explained to The Guardian, the North Korean government handles the image of Kim Jong-un with care.

"When the leader is somehow physically incapacitated, they can't show him off as they like to. The regime is incredibly image-conscious. It choreographs everything, especially when it comes to the leader. Kim is a young guy, and you don't want to see a young guy in that condition," Delury said.

If Kim Jong-un is confirmed dead, he becomes the third leader of the nation to pass away and the youngest. The news will also spark speculation around his successors, with sister Kim Yo-jong at the top of the list for several outlets.

Despite the lack of confirmation, "Kim Jong-un Dead" became a trending topic in the United States, with some "confident reports" on the situation and tons of memes poking fun at the moment.