Kim Jong-un: Train Spotted Outside North Korean Leader's Compound Amid Death Reports

A train possibly belonging to North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has been sitting outside the [...]

A train possibly belonging to North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has been sitting outside the Leadership Railway Station near his Wonsan compound since at least April 21, according to commercial satellite imagery published at The train's presence there does not confirm Kim is staying there, but it comes as speculation about his health continues. China has reportedly sent a medical team to North Korea to advise on Kim's condition, while a Beijing-supported TV channel claims Kim is dead.

The 250-meter long train can be seen at the Leadership Railway Station, which is reserved for Kim's family, notes. The train was not there on April 15, but was seen on April 21 and April 23. This means the train has been there since at least April 21. The Wosnan facility includes nine guesthouses and a recreation center, which was built after Kim took power in 2014. The property includes a protected port, a shooting range and a covered dock for what is believed to be Kim's mega yacht. There was once a small runway near the station, but it was turned into a horse-riding track late last year.

Speculation about Kim's health has been rampant ever since he missed a celebration for his grandfather's birthday on April 15. On Tuesday, sources told CNN Kim was in "grave danger" after undergoing a cardiovascular system surgery on April 12. CNN cited Daily NK, a South Korean online newspaper covering North Korea. The report could not be independently verified. The most recent photos of Kim were taken on April 11, during a meeting with members of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea in Pyongyang, reports USA Today.

On Saturday, speculation that the 36-year-old Kim has died began. The vice director of HKSTV, a Hong Kong satellite television station supported by Beijing, reported on Weibo that Kim died, citing a "very solid source," according to the International Business Times. That report could not be independently verified. Meanwhile, Reuters reported that China sent medical experts to "advise" Kim, citing three sources close to the situation.

The delegation includes a senior member of the Chinese Community Party's International Liaison Department and left Beijing Thursday, Reuters' sources said. The department, which leads China's policies with North Korea, did not comment. The Chinese foreign ministry also did not comment on the situation.

A South Korean source told Reuters their intelligence showed Kim was alive on Friday and could make an appearance soon. A source with knowledge of U.S. intelligence said it is understood Kim has health problems, but they could not determine his current health status or if he could make a public appearance soon.