Kids Who Crashed Dad's Viral BBC Interview Return to TV for Coronavirus Quarantine Segment

Many will remember the hilarious video from a few years ago, of the young kids who crashed their dad's viral BBC interview, setting off countless memes and online jokes. Now, the family has returned to TV for a coronavirus quarantine segment, and the internet is once again loving it.

Robert E. Kelly, the children's father, appeared in a new BBC interview on Thursday, and this time he brought his children — Marion and James — with him on purpose. "Good to see you're excited about being on telly, that's not the first time," Kelly quipped to the kids while introducing them to the world for a second time. Kelly also brought his wife Jung-a Kim along, and she shared how she's bene coping with both kids being at home so much, due to coronavirus self-quarantining. "It's very difficult to stay in the house a very long time so we go to the playground, try to stay far away from people," she said.

The new video has sparked a ton of comments from Twitter users, with one quipping, "That poor man was an expert in South Korea, and you can see the sadness on his face about becoming a living meme."

"Beautiful family. Made me smile again. Well done for coming back on. Still laugh out loud at the first interview," offered someone else.

In the original clip from 2017, Kelly is seen speaking on a webcam from his home office, when suddenly his oldest child comes into the room and begins to try and talk to him.


As he attempts to push her back, the younger child comes in, and is using a baby walker. His wife eventually retrieves the kids, and then crawls back to close the office door.

"Wow! Surely it’s not been that long since we first saw them is it?! The kids are so much older!" a user exclaimed, after seeing how much the kids have grown since the first clip went viral, to which someone else replied, "As people always say, 'they grow up so fast.'"