Kettle Brand Unveils New Line of 'Light and Crispy' Air Fried Chips

Kettle Brand has unveiled a new line of crunchy snacks that are sure to get fans excited. Kettle has debuted Air Fried Chips, which come in three great flavors: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno and Himalayan Salt. They are available to buy right now from many retailers, including Target and Whole Foods

The new Air Fried Chips are said to "have a light and crispy texture and 30% less fat than the original versions," which makes them a great snack or side for anyone looking to eat healthier. Notably, the Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips are "the first-to-market air-fried snack," patent-pending. "Introduced in 2010, air-fried foods have continued to rise in popularity, with #Airfryer amassing over 6.6B+ views on TikTok, and potatoes being the top air-fried food. Kettle Brand is the first snacking brand to create an air-fried chip," the company explained in a press release.

The company added, "Kettle Brand Air Fried Chips are batch-cooked in kettles, then air-fried, creating a Non-GMO verified, gluten free chip featuring bold Kettle Brand flavor with a light and crispy texture." Speaking about the new line of chips, Janda Lukin — Chief Marketing Officer, Campbell Snacks — said, "In addition to the natural promise we make with every batch of Kettle Brand chips, we're proud to be the first air-fried chip. An air-fried finish is something no one else is offering right now, giving our chips a unique light and crispy crunch to go with their signature bold flavor."

The new snack is already a big hit with fans of Kettle Brand chips, as many have been taking to the company's social media to share their reviews of the chips. "Tried them. Loved them. Total game changer," one Instagram user wrote under a post about the new chips. "Found the air fryer jalapeño a couple weeks ago at our local store and our household is obsess!" someone else exclaimed.

"Kettle Brand is a pioneer and one of the leaders in the premium kettle-cooked category," the company notes. "Founded in 1978 when our founder took to the road to sell great tasting, high quality foods out of the back of his van, today Kettle Brand remains committed to quality ingredients and bold flavors. Kettle Brand was the
first potato chip verified as non-GMO and currently boasts the most flavors in the potato chip category."
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