Kaley Cuoco Pleads for Prayers After Hometown Affected by Wildfires

Actress Kaley Cuoco posted a heartfelt message on Instagram Wednesday in light of the wildfires ravaging Southern California.

Her post was a truly harrowing photo of two fire men aiming a hose in what appears to be a scorched schoolyard, with flames around them on every side.

"My heart and mind are with all the people and animals of Ventura County and anyone else affected by these fires," she wrote in the caption. "I grew up in that area and can't imagine what everyone is going through .. my dad was a firefighter paramedic for many years and we have immense respect and gratefulness for what they are going through right now."

Cuoco grew up in Camarillo, California, not far from the fires raging across Los Angeles county right now.

The Skirball started up overnight, just off the 405 freeway near the Getty Center. It caused a dramatic scene for commuters this morning, who posted pictures and videos all over social media.


About 83,000 acres of southern California have been burned by wildfires, and over 4,000 fire fighters have been out trying to quench the flames.