Joe Biden's Dogs Major and Champ Enjoy a 'Snow Day' at the White House

As much of the country becomes swept up in a winter wonderland, the First Dogs now occupying 1600 [...]

As much of the country becomes swept up in a winter wonderland, the First Dogs now occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. enjoyed their very first snow day on the White House lawn. President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden's two beloved pooches, Champ and Major, were spotted frolicking around in the white powder coating the South Lawn Sunday afternoon.

Naomi Biden, the president's granddaughter who made waves on Inauguration Day thanks to her fashionable ensemble, shared an adorable picture of the White House's new four-legged companions enjoying the blustery day. In the photo, which has racked up nearly 5,000 retweets and more than 85,000 likes, Major could be seen running around as his big brother Champ longed on the ground. According to, they were not the only ones enjoying the snow, as many furry companions were spotted frolicking outside of the National Mall, where people also built snowmen during the snowstorm. Marking the first major snowfall of the year, the metro area could get anywhere from four to eight inches of snow, with areas northwest of D.C. potentially seeing six to 12 inches, meaning plenty of snow for the first dogs to play in.

Champ and Major officially made the White House their home on Jan. 23, marking the first pet to live in the residence since former President Barack Obama and his family welcomed Bo and Sunny. Former President Donald Trump was the first occupant of the White House not to have a dog in over 100 years.

"The First Family wanted to get settled before bringing the dogs down to Washington from Delaware," the first lady's press secretary Michael LaRosa told CNN in a statement confirming the White House's newest residents. "Champ is enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace, and Major loved running around on the South Lawn."

While the White House is new territory for Major, Champ has some familiarity with the residence. The Bidens welcomed Champ into their family in 2008, just before they moved into the vice presidential mansion in Washington. Major, meanwhile, joined the family two years ago. He is the first shelter dog in the White House, the Bidens having adopted him through the Delaware Humane Association.