Joe Biden's Eye Filled With Blood During a Town Hall, and Social Media Is Scared

During a recent CNN Town Hall event, former vice president Joe Biden's eye began to fill with blood, and it had social media scared. The Town Hall took place on Wednesday night, with the 76-year-old presidential hopeful discussing environmental issues such as climate change. During his appearance, Biden's eye began to fill with blood, which the Washington Examiner says could potently be attributed to a number of things, "including high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, blood thinners, or even excessive straining." Many of those who were watching, or had been watching quickly took to Twitter to comment on the situation, with one person joking, "I log off for 2 HOURS to watch a movie and I come back and Joe Biden apparently contracted the rage virus live on stage..."

"No matter politics, this is horrifying! Joe Biden needs medical attention!" another person exclaimed.

"Joe Biden looks the most Presidential, insomuch as most Presidents are also decomposing," someone else quipped.

"It's subconjunctival hemorrhage, a benign condition that causes no vision problems. It will resolve in a few days," one other user said, implying that they were fairly certain that Biden's condition could be attributed to this.

"This is really really sad, he isn't up for this. He should retire and do himself and the country a favor. This is getting very very bad," a fifth user said.

"This is too mean. I'm 100% for Bernie but I really feel a lot of empathy for Joe," another Twitter user wrote. "I want Bernie to beat him but seeing Joes eye and him having a hard time I feel no ill will toward him and just wish him peace."

"Not sure how bad it can be for his age, but hopefully he can take time off to rest and have a full medical checkup," a commenter suggested.


At this time, neither Biden nor any representatives from his presidential campaign appear to have commented on his bloody eye situation.

Photo Credit: Joe Biden