Jake Paul Sued for False Imprisonment, Emotional Distress

Jake Paul is facing a strange new lawsuit after his security team allegedly made a citizen's arrest, holding Paul's neighbor captive.

Paul, a YouTube star who has already faced his fair share of public controversies, is now being accused of racism and false imprisonment. According to a report by TMZ, Paul's neighbor went over to the vlogger's house in February of 2018 in an attempt to confront Paul about cars leaving his driveway at a high speed, which he saw as a safety concern. Once inside Paul's gate, he claims he was accosted by the star's security team.

According to the neighbor's lawsuit, he was verbally assaulted by Paul's friend, who called a security guard. The guard told the neighbor he was trespassing, and before he knew it, was assaulted.

The guard allegedly "grabbed [the neighbor], twisted his arm behind his back and threw him against his car to hold" him. They then detained the neighbor against his will while they called police.

When the officers arrived, Paul's security team tried to claim that the neighbor was trespassing. However, the police saw no evidence of that, and they let the neighbor go immediately.

According to the neighbor, this impromptu citizen's arrest was made without reasonable, probably cause. Beyond that, he feels that the whole or deal was "racially motivated," considering his religion and ethnic background.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Meanwhile, Paul's lawyer spoke to reporters about the allegations as well. They said that Paul was not present at the time of the citizen's arrest, or any of the drama that followed. He was reportedly not aware of the incident at the time, and the lawyer did not specify whether Paul was at home.

This is just one of the lawsuits currently facing Paul. The younger of YouTube's most controversial brothers is still stuck in the middle of a lawsuit over a video prank, where he blared a train horn at unsuspecting victims on the streets of Los Angeles. His lawyers in that case dropped Paul last month, claiming that they had not been paid and there was an "irreconcilable breakdown" in their relationship.


The 22-year-old has been stirring up other controversies lately, including his ongoing attempts to get high-profile prize fights going. Just this week, he issued a challenge to rapper Soulja Boy. So far, Soulja Boy shows no signs of taking him up on it.

Photo credit: Instagram / Jake Paul