Ivanka Trump's Social Media Silence Following Father Donald's Impeachment Brings out Mixed Responses

Now that President Donald Trump has officially been impeached, many social media users are wondering why his daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been so quiet online. While President Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., have both been outspoken in their vitriol of the impeachment proceedings — repeatedly calling it a "witch hunt" and complaining about partisan politics — Ivanka has remained mum on the matter.

Some social media users have replied to a few of Ivanka's latest posts, wondering why she hasn't taken to the platform since the House of Representatives voted to formally charge Trump with the two articles of impeachment on Wednesday evening.

"Quiet about impeachment! Says a lot!" one social media user wrote in response to a tweet from Ivanka from Tuesday about the National Defense Authorization Act.

"Can you please tell us how you feel about your dad being fired from his job?" one Instagram user commented on her latest post, which was nearly the same as her tweet from the same day.

After calling Ivanka a "daddy's girl," another Twitter user wondered if she was being "quiet" because she was "hiding in shame."

Still others were supportive of the first daughter. "I would like to politely say that you are doing a brilliant job in the [White House]," one user wrote. "Thank you so much for making the United States Of America a prosperous country in not only in this administration, but in this presidency as well. Thank you so much, Ivanka!!!"

President Trump's wife, Melania Trump, has also stayed off social media since the vote, with her latest posts also coming on Tuesday.

In stark contrast, President Trump and Trump Jr. have been vocal in their distaste for the vote. "Still your president. Merry Christmas, "Trump Jr. captioned a Photoshopped portrait of Trump as Santa Claus. He also retweeted several tweets slamming Democrats for the "partisan" politics.

Trump has kept up an even steadier stream of tweets than usual in the past few days leading up to the vote. On Wednesday, he called the impeachment an "assault on America" and an "assault on the Republican party." Thursday morning, he shared support for his political party, referencing the fact that there were no Republican outliers in either vote Wednesday night. "100% Republican Vote. That's what people are talking about. The Republicans are united like never before!" he tweeted.


The House of Representatives formally impeached Trump on two articles. Article I, which leveled charges of abuse of power, won with 230 votes in favor and 197 opposed. It was largely along party lines, with two Democrats voting against it and one voting "present." Two Republicans and one Democrat did not vote. Article II, which accused Trump of obstruction of congress, passed 229-198. Three Democrats voted no; two Republicans and one Democrat did not vote.

Next, Trump will stand trial in front of the Senate in January, where it would take 67 votes to remove him from office. In the Senate, Republicans still hold the majority with 53 seats compared to the Democrats' 45, which means Trump most likely will not be voted out of office during the forthcoming trial.