Ivanka Trump Elicits Groans After Saying She's Like 'Every Parent' as She Reads 'The Odyssey' and Learns Guitar During Quarantine

Ivanka Trump is already in the crosshairs for many due to her father's presidency and the decisions that followed after he was elected in 2016. But the presidential daughter has had plenty of moments to draw ire on herself with critics online. The latest came amid the coronavirus pandemic with many Americans cooped up inside due to the quarantine and shutdowns around the country.

Trump discussed her own experiences from self-quarantine in a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, noting that she's living like "pretty much every parent" in the U.S. during the pandemic. That was enough for many to poke fun at Trump, but she expanded on her daily activities and opened a lot of eyes on the internet.

"So I've got a Coursera free course going in Greek and Roman mythology so I'm rereading The Odyssey, and I've started to learn to play the guitar," she told the outlet according to The Independent. "And now I'm really working on it, as I sit with my kids when they are sleeping or napping. That's what I'm doing."

Many quickly commented on Trump's interview and her feelings on how normal people have been spending the time at home. It also comes on the heels of her suggestions for what people can do during the quarantine.

"Ivanka (she's just like us!!) plans on rereading The Odyssey and learning about mythology during the quarantine," one person wrote on Twitter. "I actually had to watch the interview to make sure someone could be so absolutely tone-deaf."

It didn't get any better when Trump detailed some of the ways she's trying to support help small businesses and keep them afloat during the pandemic. This includes "prepaying" for services people won't be using over the next "six to 12 months."

"I did it on a personal level with my local dry cleaner and my local florist just to sort of assist in a small way during this time," Trump said in the interview.

"I'm willing to bet Ivanka can't read music and hasn't read The Odyssey," another person wrote on social media.

"How's reading the Odyssey; playing the guitar and tent making going? Oh, and Jared playing 'grown up. Isn't that special?" an angry commenter posted while sharing a Vanity Fair piece on the interview. "In the meantime, while you are showboating people are scared. YOU ARE ACTING LIKE AN ELITE IT IS CRUEL."

"Spending her "newly free time" rereading The Odyssey and learning how to play guitar?? Meanwhile each and every mother I know is losing her mind," a third added, noting the truth for many around the nation at the moment.


This all follows rising death tolls and infections around the U.S. and a record 6.6 million applying for unemployment.