The Internet Is Very Upset Over These Upside-Down Christmas Trees

Christmas is quite literally being turned upside-down this year. The new trend for the 2017 holiday season is upside-down Christmas trees, and the internet isn't feeling very festive about it.

The trees, which hang from the ceiling rather than resting on the floor, are disrupting the holiday spirit for many social media users, who haven't been shy about expressing their opinions online.

"Upside down Christmas trees are ridiculous and I won't stand for this nonsense," one Twitter user wrote.

"An upside down Christmas tree is the dumbest thing ever," another person wrote.

Someone even stated that upside-down Christmas trees won't become a part of their Christmas traditions.

One user couldn't help but wonder if the trend was sparked by the Netflix hit show Stranger Things.

But before you get ready to write anyone who supports the trend on the naughty list, it's important to note that it's not entirely new. Upside-down Christmas trees actually trace back to the Middle Ages, where they were used in Central and Eastern Europe, The Spruce reports.


Along with throwing a new topsy-turvy twist to the Christmas season, these upside-down trees actually solve some serious problems. Not only do they take up less floor space, which means more territory for presents to be set out, but they also allow for the majority of ornaments to be kept out of the reach of children and pets.