India Man Sets Record for Most Straws in Mouth

The Guinness World Records are oftentimes bizarre and this new one for the most amount of straws in a mouth at one time is no different.

23-year-old Manoj Kumar Maharana from India broke the eight year old record by inserting 459 straws into his mouth at once, according to Mashable.

As with most Guinness World Records, it wasn't just enough for Maharana to get the straws into his mouth. He also had to hold them in there for at least 10 seconds without them falling out.

He was barred from using his hands to keep the stars in place, but was allowed to use rubber bands to keep the straws together.

The original record belonged to Simon Elmore who was able to get 400 straws into his mouth.

Maharana's new record had people on Twitter going crazy, with one person joking, "Someone get this man away from my drink."

Another person quipped, "And they say Millennials won't accomplish anything," while one user wrote, "I'm not doing enough with my life."


The best response, though, came from a user who had another, somewhat related, record they'd like a shot at. "What's the record for most straws up your nose? I think I might be a contender," The user said jokingly.