IKEA Recalled These Bowls, Plates and Mugs in 2021 Over Burn Hazard

IKEA recalled two lines of dishware in May of 2021, but some customers may still be using them unknowingly. The company issued a voluntary recall of its HEROISK and TALRIKA bowls, plates and mugs in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Due to a risk of cuts or burns, customers should replace the dishware if it is still in use in their home.

HEROISK and TALRIKA dishware is made from polylatic acid or polylactide (PLA) material, which has not stood the test of time. The dishes can become brittle over time and can eventually break. If there is hot food or drinks in the dishes at the time this can lead to a dangerous burn, and of course the shattered pieces can cause cuts. If nothing else, the break risk could put you in a nasty clean-up scenario.

Customers can still claim a full refund on HEROISK and TALRIKA products from IKEA if they have just found out about the recall. There is no receipt or proof of purchase required – simply bring the dishes to an IKEA store to get the purchase price back. As a refresher, the dishes ranged from $3.99 to $11.99 in price, so customers who don't plan on making a trip for a refund can simply dispose of them.

HEROISK and TALRIKA dishes were on sale from August of 2019 to May of 2021 and were typically sold in sets of four. For a while, they were a cheap and stylish option for plates, bowls and mugs at a bargain price.

Both IKEA and the USCPSC press releases note that this was a pre-emptive recall, and there have been no injuries associated with it yet. There was reportedly one incident of a dish breaking, but it passed without injury to the user, thankfully.

If you have IKEA dishes but are unsure if they are in the HEROISK or TALRIKA lines, you can check the supplier number printed on the dish. It should have the supplier number "23348" and the designation "Made in Taiwan." The identifier "PLA" may also be molded into the dish's bottom. Those with further questions can contact IKEA's customer service line at 888-966-4532.

The USCPSC is an independent government agency established in 1972. It is tasked with assessing the risk of injury a product may pose and issuing recalls if necessary, not unlike the recalls issued by the FDA. The agency's latest recalls are always listed here on its website.