IHOP Responds to Adam Sandler's Viral Visit With Celebratory Milkshake Offer

IHOP may have turned Adam Sandler away, but the beloved restaurant chain is making up for it in a big way. Days after the restaurant was thrown into the center of discussion over a hilarious viral video featuring one of its workers accidentally turning the Hollywood A-lister away when there was a 30-minute wait, IHOP is making amends with Milkshake Monday,

On Friday, the beloved chain officially declared Monday, May 10 as Milkshake Monday, announcing that customers can visit any of the restaurant chain's 19 locations across Long Island, New York to take part in All-You-Can-Drink milkshakes. For just $.649, customers can consume as many milkshakes as their hearts desire between 12 and 8 p.m. ET. The chain will also be donating $1 of each milkshake sold (up to $50,000) at its other locations across the country to Comedy Gives Back, a nonprofit that helps struggling comedians who have lost income due to the coronavirus pandemic.

(Photo: IHOP)

In announcing Milkshake Monday, the chain confirmed "the promotion was sparked by one very famous fan's penchant for milkshakes, following his viral visit to a busy IHOP restaurant last week in Manhasset, Long Island, NY." Sandler's ill-fated visit to his local IHOP went viral in late April after Dayanna Rodas, a member of IHOP's wait staff, shared security video of the actor and his daughter inside the restaurant. She hilariously revealed that she didn't recognize the father-daughter-duo, who left the restaurant after she told them there was a 30-minute wait. On Monday, Sandler responded to the viral moment, quipping on Twitter, "For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn't apply to the milkshakes."


After seeing his tweet, Kieran Donahue, CMO, IHOP, said the chain takes their "guests' suggestions very seriously in an effort to continually shake things up and satisfy all palates with our signature commitment to IHOSPITALITY." As such, Donahue said "there is no better way to kick off the week and enjoy our craveable menu than with a house-made milkshake, or as many as you can drink. For more than 62 years, we have welcomed everyone – famous and familiar – to pancake, smile and laugh together under our blue roof." At this time, Sandler hasn't responded to Milkshake Monday.