IHOP Worker Goes Viral After Realizing Too Late She Turned Away Adam Sandler

An IHOP worker is going viral after she unknowingly turned away one Hollywood A-lister. Dayanna [...]

An IHOP worker is going viral after she unknowingly turned away one Hollywood A-lister. Dayanna Rodas, a member of the beloved restaurant chain's wait staff, detailed her recent encounter with none other than Adam Sandler in a TikTok video, admitting that she accidentally turned the actor and his daughter away after she failed to recognize the Uncut Gems star.

Rodas' run-in with Hollywood occurred during a busy day for the restaurant she works at. In a TikTok video playing off a popular meme, Rodas, with the clown filter, shared security footage of the now-viral moment. In the footage, Sandler and his daughter can be seen standing directly in front of Rodas. After telling the father-daughter duo that there was a 30-minute wait, the pair left the restaurant, with Rodas being none the wiser. She captioned the humorous clip, "Pleaseee come back," writing over top the footage, "Not realizing its Adam Sandler and telling him its a 30min wait and him ofc leaving bc hes not going to wait 30mins for IHOP."


Pleaseee come back #comedy #fyp #foryou #viral #adamsandler

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Rodas' perhaps embarrassing encounter proved to be humorous for her fellow social media stars, who didn't hesitate to react online. Rodas' initial TikTok video, shared just two days ago, currently has nine million views and two million likes, with thousands of comments piling on. Reacting to the video, one person questioned, "how'd you not recognize it as him with those shorts," adding that "it's his signature look." Another person seemed to agree, commenting, "that fire outfit is a dead giveaway." Several others applauded Sandler, with one person noting, "the fact he could of said I'm adam sandler and didn't is amazing most celebrities would use their status to get them places." The video even made its way to Twitter, where one person tweeted that "IHOP should put Adam Sandler in their next commercial. Are negotiations taking place as I type this out?"

With all of the attention, Rodas has since returned to TikTok to react to her newfound fame. In a new video, she admitted that she "didn't think it was gonna go viral." Sharing a screenshot of one article reporting on her run-in with Sandler, she questioned, "What?" A representative for the actor confirmed to the Huffington Post that the man in the video was in fact the famous actor. The representative did not, however, provide any further information, such as if Sandler had seen the video himself or if he plans on gracing the IHOP with his presence again.