Hurricane Dorian: First Video Comes out of Bahamas After Storm Clears, and It's Devastating

Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Sunday as a monster Category 5, slamming into the Bahamas and leaving a path of destruction behind it. The storm is forecast to continue east, sliding up the Florida coast and making its way up through Georgia and the Carolinas throughout the week.

Dorian will take a slight breather it seems following its devastating landfall in the Bahamas, holding off from directly hitting Florida until Monday night into Tuesday morning. That said, we've already gotten out first taste of what this storm is capable of in videos posted on social media by WPLG Local 10 News.

The local news body defined the video as "complete devastation" with flood waters overtaking homes, amassing junk, and leaving the entire area looking like something from a disaster movie.

The National Hurricane Center is tracking the storm and providing updates as it makes its way toward the coastline.

President Donald Trump urged residents in the path of the storm to heed the warnings of local officials and evacuate if possible.

"I ask everyone in Hurricane Dorian's path to heed all warnings and evacuation orders from local authorities," Trump said. "It looks like they're going to have to be giving them, unfortunately."

The storm was upgraded to a category 5 hurricane which is defined as "catastrophic" and could create "life threatening" storm conditions including high winds and "very heavy rainfall."


"We want to minimize any unnecessary risk for the public, and our brave first responders have been working very hard, — Governor DeSantis in Florida — on getting fuel, getting gasoline brought in, because they've never seen anything like it, the rush to get so much," Trump continued. "Again, the coast guard, and the army, and the marines, they've been incredible."