How to Make Extra Cash From Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Receive some unique gifts this holiday season you weren't quite expecting? You're not stuck with them for good — if you act fast. The Sun reports that 80 million unwanted presents will be resold on eBay, and that Dec. 29 will be the biggest sales day.

So whether you're looking for a bargain on a brand-new item or looking to make a few bucks on an unwanted gift, here's how to do it.

How to sell:

List your item with keywords you would use to find the product. Take clear, appealing photos that show off the product. If you have a price in mind, list it. If not, use the auction format to start a bidding war. Free shipping can also help entice buyers.

If eBay isn't your preferred method, click here to learn how to cash in on unwanted gift cards.

How to buy:

If your first search doesn't yield satisfying results, try misspellings and other less common search terms. The seller may have made a spelling blunder and would therefore have fewers bids. If the price still looks too high, use the "make an offer" tool to offer your best price to the seller and see if you can barter.


Use the "watch list" tool to easily compare prices. If there's a bidding war going on a product you're eyeing, swoop in at the last minute and make an offer to take it home.