How the Instant Pot Helped One Woman Drop 120 Pounds


(Photo: Instagram / @instantloss)

We all know that eating more home-cooked meals results in better portion sizes, less junk food consumption, and weight loss. But after reading the story of Brittany Williams' weight loss journey with the Instant Pot, you'll be more inspired than ever to put away the takeout menus and break out the pressure cooker.

Williams has lost over 120 pounds this year by making one huge change in her life: making more home-cooked meals with the help of the Instant Pot. On her blog she notes that she and her husband made a commitment to stop eating out and completely eradicate processed food from their diet. Within three months of implementing these changes, Williams had lost nearly 50 pounds.

Much of Williams' success is due to her dedication to a whole foods diet relying on meals made in her pressure cooker, which she notes eliminates the excuses so many of us come up with when we can't/don't want to cook dinner. She recommends investing in the Instant Pot pressure cooker to help you get meals on the table in under thirty minutes, as well as emphasizing the need to clean your cupboards out of all junk food and start implementing meal plans with whole food ingredients, either ones you create yourself or the ones available on her website.

Williams uses the Instant Pot and/or blender for most of her meals, making recipes like Grain Free Spaghetti and Guilt Free Chocolate Cake that have gained her a huge following on Instagram and resulted in a thriving Facebook community where her fans can share photos of her recipes and their own weight loss success stories. The reviews on her blog are overwhelmingly positive, and fans all over the world are celebrating her way of cooking and eating that negates the unhealthy relationships with food that so many people, including Williams, suffer from.


Williams' story is important because it reminds us that we do not need gimmicks to achieve real changes in our bodies. Through nourishing ourselves with whole foods and prioritizing cooking and meal planning, substantial weight loss is not only possible, but also attainable. Commit to eating healthy, whole foods made at home, and in just under a year, you too could share in the success that has made Brittany Williams a "[s]tronger mama, more determined mama, happier mama."

Article written by: Emily Keyes. Follow her here.