Heinz Super Bowl Commercial Sparks Possible Boycott

A boycott of Kraft Heinz products has been called by Culture Reframed, an organization that is against hypersexualized media, following the release of a smutty ad on Super Bowl Sunday.

Devour Foods, a Kraft Heinz frozen product line, ran an ad during the big game on Sunday which Culture Reframed said makes light of porn addiction.

"Porn addiction is widely widely shown to destroy the individual, the partners, and the children of addicts. And the impact of porn on the culture is enormous," president and CEO of Culture Reframed Dr. Gail Dines said in a press release. "To promote porn use and make light of porn addiction is the height of irresponsibility and we call on Kraft Heinz to provide resources to groups preventing porn addiction."

The unedited, 60-second ad was released by Kraft last week and shared on Porn Hub. A "censored" 30-second version was aired on Sunday during the football game.

In the ad, a woman tells the camera, "My husband is addicted to frozen food porn — he watches it at least two to three times a day, maybe four." The ad then shows the woman finding evidence of his frozen food porn addiction and trying to "spice things up" at home to help break him of his addiction.

In addition to videos and magazines, the man's frozen food porn binge involves heating and eating meals from Devour on the regular. "This addiction can happen to anyone — it's hard to resist, " she says at the end of the commercial. The censored version omitted the word "porn."

Devour defended its advertisement as well as its posting on Porn Hub. "This one-day activation is part of a humorous juxtaposition to highlight the concept of food porn that began with the release of the uncensored 60-second Big Game ad," the Devour team said in a statement, according to Eater.

Reaction to the ad on social media revealed that many were offended by the 30-second spot that ran during the game.

"That devour commercial is straight offensive. Addiction isn't a joke," one Twitter user wrote.

"I dont know what #Devour is, but after this uncomfortable spot forced me to explain to my 7 y/o why this #ad was 'creative,' Im no longer interested in ever trying your product. Keep the inappropriate innuendos away from family viewing, @KraftHeinzCo," another said.


"Devour ad is wrong on every level," another wrote. "I had to pause it so I could fast forward past it with my son watching...Stop normalizing porn."