Guy Finds out Girlfriend Faked Miscarriage to 'Test' How Much He Wants to Be a Father

A man recently revealed that he found out his girlfriend faked a miscarriage to "test" how much he wants to be a father.

The man took to Reddit to reveal the story in detail about his account and the methods they went through with birth control (BC).

"3 months ago we found out that my gf (or ex now) is pregnant. It was a big surprise since we take precautions (condoms, BC) but she said it might've been a broken condom + she was bad about staying on BC routinely. Regardless, it was confirmed she's pregnant. I'm 21 and she's 20.

"I took the news badly at first. I became surly, didn't talk, and just kept to myself for 2 whole days right after she told me. I was terrified and did NOT want to be a father at all. I just needed time to adjust to the news," the man continued.

"I think she expected happiness from both of us as she imagined I'd scoop her up and kiss her and cry tears of happiness after hearing she's pregnant (I know this [because] she even referenced that scene in The Office where pam/jim find out they're having a baby)," he added.

"Our relationship during this time was extremely rocky because she wanted us to be engaged before the baby came, and I dragged my feet," the man went on to say. "I took her to all of her appointments, paid for as much as I could afford, and was there 24/7 for anything she needed. I guess it was more emotional connection that I just couldn't force through and she could tell."

Finally, he revealed the moment she misled him, recalling, "A few weeks ago she sits me down and tells me she lost the baby. She says she had stomach cramps and then she miscarried. I was asking her a lot of health questions (I didn't know if a miscarriage this late into a pregnancy was normal?) and she kinda waves me off and is like don't worry I'm ok."

"After this our relationship's getting slightly better only because I'm slightly more relaxed now. She could tell and asks me to be honest about how I feel about the miscarriage," he added. "I tell her I'm sad it's happened so suddenly and mostly still worried for her but deep down I am really relieved because I 100% wasn't ready to be a father." This, he says, was the "WRONG answer."

"She starts screaming, crying, throwing things at me," the man continued." She says she's not miscarried, that it was a test to see my dedication and I've failed it completely. In short we fought for like 3 whole days after this, with little sleep [because] she'd randomly throw cups of icy water on me if I dozed off."

"At the end of that I said I can't do this anymore and broke up with her. I told her I'll be there for the baby and I'll pay my share of whatever is needed but I can't be her boyfriend and I can't marry her," he also said.


Many people have weighed in on the matter, with some saying that he made the right call, and others agreeing with his "friends and family" who "are all telling ME that I overreacted."

The situation somewhat resembles something that happened to rapper Lil Xan recently, when his girlfriend Annie Smith was accused of faking a pregnancy and miscarriage.