Google Maps Is Down, With Users Worldwide Fuming

Google Maps went down on Friday, and it left users worldwide fuming. The popular GPS app stopped working for a period of time, with TechCrunch reporting that Google announced they were aware and were attempting to fix the problem. "We're seeing reports of difficulties accessing some Google Maps and Google Maps Platform services. Our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible," a Google spokesperson stated via email.

Users were livid about the Google Maps issue, and many began taking to social media to lament their inability to use the app. "Google maps had me restarting my phone and checking my unlimited data usage. Whole time, they the problem," a frustrated user tweeted. "Google maps being down is a bigger disruption to my day that I would have expected," someone else added. "Google Maps is down. Currently looking out the window to see the lost commuters, people in cars having no idea where they're going, and planes falling out of the sky," one person joked. "I swear I love Twitter, Google maps was acting hella slow and I was like let me check Twitter to see if anything going on. Turns out Google maps be slow for everybody cx always check Twitter for any inconvenience," one last individual commented.

The issue was evident in an error message located on the platform status dashboard. "Multiple Google Maps Platform services experiencing high rates of error, including several Web Services and the Maps Javascript API and services," read the status page message, per TechCrunch. "We are still assessing the extent of the issue." Down Detector also reported on Google Maps being down, with the site's graph indicating that the worst of the issues came earlier in the day. Furthermore, Down Detector users also commented where they were while experiencing the outage. 

"Down on the Northern California coast. Was worried for a minute that the whole phone had gone wonky with the way the Google Maps app glitched and freaked out (I was using it at the time) before it unloaded itself and shut down!" exclaimed one user. Another added a little later, "Still not fully up in North California. Map download is not working. Apps which rely on Google maps are also not working." One last person offered, "Impacted in AZ – US. The maps site is available, it responds and finds an address however shows no details, no roads, it's a blank canvas, it also cannot complete a 'Directions request." Google has stated that the app should be fully up and running again at this time.