Glamour Magazine to End Print Publication

Glamour Magazine will be gone from newsstands pretty soon, as the publication makes the change to [...]

Glamour Magazine will be gone from newsstands pretty soon, as the publication makes the change to digital media complete.

Glamour announced that it would be doing away with its print magazine on Tuesday, opting for bigger and more ambitious work in the digital arena. The story broke on The Wrap, which obtained and e-mail that Glamour editor Samantha Barry sent to her staff.

"We're doubling down on digital — investing in the storytelling, service, and fantastic photo shoots we've always been known for, bringing it to the platforms our readers frequent most," Barry wrote. "We'll be expanding video and social storytelling, with new and ambitious series and projects."

"As a result of this investment plan we're going to move off of a monthly print schedule," she went on. The sudden freedom from a monthly schedule is a massive shift for a publication like Glamour, and could spark some changes in its style.

However, Barry revealed that Glamour would not be saying goodbye to paper entirely. She informed her editors that the magazine would still do print issues for major events, including their "Women of the Year" issue.

The Wrap also obtained an email from Bob Sauerberg, head of Glamour's parent company Condé Nast.

"Glamour has grown and expanded from a successful print brand that connected with readers once a month to an always-on brand that is in constant conversation with its audience on all platforms," it read.

Glamour is one of many publications to abandon print media in recent years. The decision has proved fruitful for many outlets, including Teen Vogue. However, while the brand may thrive online, the staff may not. When it made the move to digital, Teen Vogue was forced to drop 80 jobs across the company, leaving many journalists floundering.

Glamour has been around for nearly 80 years now, bringing fashion and entertainment news to audiences around the country. The first issue was published in April of 1939 with the full title Glamour of Hollywood.

The magazine shortened to Glamour four years later. It has achieved several milestones in American media, including being the first women's magazine to have an African-American covergirl back in 1968.

Glamour's final print issue is currently planned for January of 2019. After that, it may be absent from news stands until the fall, when Glamour names its Women of the Year in its annual ceremony. This year's ceremony was just over a week ago, and featured a tearful speech from honoree Chrissy Teigen.