Girl Scout Cookies Delivery: How to Buy Without Leaving Your House

Girl Scout cookie season is officially underway, and getting your hands on your favorite cookies just got a lot easier. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) have adapted their sales methods to ensure that even those wishing to stay inside and continuing to practice social distancing can take part in the joy the annual cookie season brings. In 2021, cookie lovers can order their favorite flavor without even having to leave their house.

As the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping through the nation in early 2020, Girl Scouts across the U.S. had to quickly pivot their sales methods from door-to-door sales to safer practices, methods that they are continuing to use this year. While socially distant and contact-free cookie booths are still available in some areas of the country depending on local COVID-19 guidelines, GSUSA has developed other methods to ensure complete safety, including the introduction of virtual cookie booths. These booths allow people to place their cookie orders online and have them delivered right to their door.

To purchase cookies via a virtual cookie booth, enter your zip code into the Girl Scout Cookie Finder at You will then be able to purchase from a local Girl Scout troop online for shipment to your door. You can also donate cookies to first responders and local causes. Virtual cookie booths open nationwide on Monday, Feb. 1.

This year, GSUSA has also partnered with Grubhub for contact-free delivery. This partnership allows local Girl Scouts to "track and fulfill orders, manage inventory, and more" by using "Grubhub's back-end technology." Visit to find out if and when contact-free delivery from Grubhub is available in your area.

Of course, people can also reach out to a registered Girl Scout they know to find out how she's selling cookies in ways that meet local and state safety protocols. Those who do not know a Girl Scout can visit, text COOKIES to 59618, or use the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to find socially distant or contact-free cookie booths if they are available in your area.


This year, people will be able to order all of the classics, including Lemon-Ups, Lemonades, Thin Mints, Caramel deLites/Samoas (depending on your region of the country), Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs, Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich, Shortbread/Trefoils, Toffee-tastic, Caramel Chocolate Chi, and Girl Scout S'mores. The 2021 cookie season will also see the debut of a new cookie. The Toast-Yay! Cookies are inspired by French toast and are "full of French toast flavor."