Ghislaine Maxwell Was 'Ring Leader' of Sex Trafficking Operation, Attorney Alleges

An attorney has claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell was the "ring leader" of a sex trafficking operation, which involved her former boyfriend, the late Jeffrey Epstein. Speaking with Fox Nation's A Ghislaine Maxwell Investigation with Nancy Grace, attorney Daniel Kaiser, who represents two of Epstein's victims, painted a vivid picture of her operation.

"Ms. Maxwell was the ring leader. She was the architect of the sex ring that went on for decades," Kaiser said. "Without Ms. Maxwell's participation, without her planning, without her complicity in the sex ring, in terms of the grooming and the recruiting and the hiding of the ring, none of this would have occurred. Without Ms. Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein would not have gotten away with molesting girls for decades. The conspiracy, the ongoing sex trafficking conspiracy, is not possible."

"It does not occur without Ms. Maxwell's cooperation," Kaiser continued about their alleged operation. "It does not occur without her being the architect of this ring. It does not occur without her efforts to hide it, to manage it, to manage the recruitment and the grooming. That's her liability to my client personally. That's the basis of the claim against Ms. Maxwell. I'm confident that that is a sufficient legal basis to hold her civilly liable to my client, putting aside what criminal liability she has."

Psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall, who also spoke to Grace, said that Maxwell "definitely rationalized what she was doing and that she and Jeffrey Epstein rationalized together, and they created a very powerful bond that rose to the level of delusion." She went on to say that she wasn't "talking about psychosis," but rather "a self-delusion where you tell yourself that everything that you're doing is right."


"She had all the features of a sociopath -— impulsivity, recklessness, failure to plan ahead," Marshall continued. She also pointed out that Maxwell "knew so many rich and famous people," but there's "nobody backing her up right now," legally speaking. "She's like Heidi Fleiss with a black book. Everybody is just scattering to the winds because they do not want to be named by Ghislaine Maxwell."

Maxwell was arrested by the FBI on July 2, despite her alleged (and unsuccessful) attempts to evade authorities before her capture. She's imprisoned without bail, with a judge denying her attorney's petition to have her ride out her time before trial in a luxury hotel. Instead, she's being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center until her trial in July of 2021, where she's being moved "cell to cell" to avoid a possible assassination.