Parents Angry After Police Shoot Their LGBT-Leader Child at Georgia Tech

A Georgia Tech student heavily involved in LGBTQ activism was fatally shot late on Saturday. The parents of the shooting victim are speaking out about their outrage caused by the incident.

21-year-old Scout Schultz, who was a four-year engineering student, can be seen on video walking towards the police with what is believed to be a knife.

"Shoot me!" the student yelled in the moments before the shooting happened.

"Nobody wants to hurt you," one of the officers on the scene said in a video recorded by a witness.

After ignoring the law enforcement officers' requests and continuing to advance towards them, Schultz was shot.

The student was shot once and fell to the ground, later dying at a nearby hospital, according to New York Daily News.

Bill Schultz, Scout's father, took to Facebook to write about the shooting. He said that Scout did have "a tiny knife."

"[Police] didn't have to shoot (Scout) in the heart, but that's what they did," Schultz wrote. "Antifa activists beware!"

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has stepped in to handle the situation.

The GBI press release reveals that the Georgia Tech Police Department was informed at 11:17 p.m. on Saturday via 911 call of "a person with a knife and a gun."

Schultz "was not cooperative and would not comply with the officers' commands," authorities wrote in the press release. "Shultz continued to advance on the officers with the knife. Subsequently, one officer fired striking Shultz."

At this time, it is unclear if the police recovered a gun from Scultz. However, a metal multi-tool with a blade was seen near the shooting.

On Sunday, the Pride Alliance released a statement. The organization credited Schultz as a "driving force" for its cause.

"Scout always reminded us to think critically about the intersection of identities and how a multitude of factors play into one's experience on Tech's campus and beyond," the group wrote.




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