New Details Revealed About Eric Bolling's Son and Drugs

Eric Bolling Jr., the son of former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling, was allegedly seen using drugs and "partied" the night before he was found dead.

One of the late 19-year-old's friends claimed that he was doing drugs such as cocaine, weed and Xanax in his final night, according to Daily Mail.

Bolling Jr., who was an economics student attending the University of Colorado-Boulder, was found dead at his apartment complex last Friday morning by one of his friends.

The day before, Bolling Jr.'s friend, 21-year-old Wayne Carter, claimed that he was sending videos of that night's festivities via Snapchat.

Carter says that Bolling Jr. had once dabbled in substances such as heroin, but at the time of his death he was sticking to "just college drugs - cocaine, weed, alcohol, Xanax sometimes."

One of the issues that reportedly was a cause of stress for Bolling Jr. was his father's sexual harassment allegations. On September 8, Bolling Sr. was fired from Fox News for allegedly sending photos of his genitals to female colleagues.

"He was very into his dad and looked up to his dad a lot," Carter said. "I'm not saying his life choices revolved around his dad but his dad was a huge role model in his life."

"You'd go to a party and he was a cool guy but he'd be like, 'Oh guys, do you know who my dad is?' And we'd be like,' Yes Eric, we know who your dad is!'" Carter continued.

After the news broke of his father's firing, Carter says that Bolling Jr. bottled up his emotions. However, the situation was evidently bothering him.

"He wouldn't tell me [directly] because he was so proud of his dad. But clearly, inside it was eating him up," Carter said.

While Bolling Jr. was allegedly using drugs at the time of his death, Carter says that he would never have intentionally taken his own life.

"I'll put it like this - he was a partier," Carter said. "I don't think he would have intentionally [killed himself]. But I definitely think he upped it once when he heard that news and that's what caused his demise."




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