Ford Unveils 2021 Bronco SUV With Retro Styling and Off-Road Tech

Ford just shocked the whole world by unveiling the new 2021 Bronco SUV, complete with retro styling and off-road tech. Photos of the new ride surfaced on social media, revealing a look that is somehow simultaneously sleek and rugged. It will also come in both two-door and four-door options, so drivers can choose a spacious adventure, or a more quaint more.

According to CNET, both models will be available in Spring 2021, and in their most basic versions will mostly differ in their size and price. Both have a 2.3-liter turbo I4 engine or 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6, as well as 310 lb-ft or 400 lb-ft torque. There will be a 7-speed manual version and a 10-speed auto version. They both have 3,500 pounds towing capacity and 1,170 pounds payload capacity. As far as the main differences, the two-door model will be just under $30,000 and the four-door will be close to $35,000. Size is obviously a factor in the price as well, with the two-door being about 15 inches smaller in length than the four-door model.

Photos of the new Bronco have had many talking on social media, with even NASCAR Hall of Famer Tony Stewart chiming in. "Love the retro styling of the new #FordBronco. Can't wait to see them in person and get some dirt... actually, a LOT of dirt on them," he tweeted. "This 2021 Bronco will look really good parked next to my '79 Bronco, right @Ford?" Dallas Cowboys star Ezekial Elliott added, "You are definitely gonna see me in that new @Ford Bronco."

In a description of the main 2021 Bronco, Ford writes, "There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered. To find it you have to break rules, push boundaries and climb over the barriers in your way. With its relentless toughness and durability, the all-new Bronco was built to carry outdoor enthusiasts to wherever the wilderness calls. Available in two- or four-door models."

There will also be a Bronco Sport as well, which Ford describes as follows: "Meet the latest in the family. The all-new Bronco Sport is your wilderness guide with four unique series engineered to match the way you experience the outdoors. Each, expertly equipped to get you out there — To the mountain ranges, the woodland trails, and the scenic shores. Your adventure begins in a Bronco Sport, and it never ends."