Floyd Mayweather's TMT Bodyguards Reveal Whether He'll Fight Conor McGregor Again

Floyd Mayweather isn't planning on fighting again any time soon, so don't expect a rematch with Conor McGregor, Mayweather's The Money Team bodyguards told TMZ.

TMZ caught up with The Brixx Brothers — Big G and Jizzy Mack — who told the site on Wednesday that Mayweather is completely retired.

When asked if there would be a Mayweather-McGregor II, Big G said he wasn't sure, but would love to see it happen. However, Mayweather hasn't talked about it with them.

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"Floyd's retired right now," they told TMZ.

"Listen, Floyd doesn't talk about it much," Big G said. "Floyd doesn't talk. He does. So would I like to see [a rematch]? Of course. That was the best thing to ever be [a] part of."

"As of right now, he's retired," Jizzy Mack said of Mayweather. "So what he's telling y'all is what he's telling us, but you never know."

Mayweather and McGregor fought in August in Las Vegas, with Mayweather winning in the 10th round by TKO. It was McGregor's first professional boxing match, and it brought Mayweather's record to 49-0.

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Artem Lobov, McGregor's training partner, told Express in the U.K. that McGregor wants a rematch. However, Lobov thinks McGregor wants to defend his UFC lightweight title first.


"I think I would like to see him defend the UFC lightweight belt," Loboc told Express. "But the only other fight I would like to see over that one would be a rematch with Mayweather. Of course [McGregor would want a rematch]. You're talking about the most competitive man on the planet. Trust me, he wants that win and that win is very, very close. Minor adjustments need to be made but I feel that we can get the win if we did it for the second time."