Florida School Shooting Survivor Brought to Tears in Interview

As more information continues to be released regarding Wednesday's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, dozens of students, parents and faculty members have given interviews of where they were during the shooting.

But few were as emotionally touching as one conducted by NBC 6, who interviewed one of the students alongside his mother. At first the student appeared calm, but as he recalled the events he gradually broke down into tears until he was unable to continue.

"It's the scariest thing," the mother said. "I was at work and had a phone conference when the call came in from Dubby (her son) so I just picked up my cell phone and all I could hear was him yelling, 'There's a shooting at school, Mom! There's a shooting at school, happening right now!' So I just told him, 'Run, baby, run!'

"I kind of had an emotional moment trying to get here but at the time when I was on the phone with him I just felt helpless and panicked. There's nothing you can do. Your kid is running for his life and there's nothing you can do. Hearing him panicking on the phone, I hope nobody has to go through that."

The interview then transitioned over to the mother's child, who went by Dubby.

"So what happened was the fire alarm went off. So everybody was going outside like a regular fire drill. Then all of a sudden I heard two gunshots and I just see a whole bunch of people start running in my direction. Then all the administrators and teachers just told us to start running, so I started running. Wherever, just following the crowd. At first I thought somebody just pulled the fire alarm, then I got scared. And people are actually dying. And I got scared."

"Well I'm glad that I'm alive, but it also makes me really sad that..." Dubby said. Midway through the sentence he broke down into ears and was comforted by both his mother and the reporter.

Seventeen people were killed when 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz entered the building wielding an AR-15 rifle and firing it as students exited their classrooms once he pulled the fire alarm.


Cruz attempted to escape amid the chaos but was caught and arrested by police.

Photo: NBC