Fitness Model Bashes American Airlines After Video Captures Her Forced Removal From Flight

Fitness model Jen Selter is speaking out after she was booted from a delayed American Airlines flight when she and her sister got into a verbal altercation with airline staff after she rose from her seat and reached for something in the overhead compartment.

According to Selter, the flight, which boarded in Miami and was bound for New York, had been delayed for 90 minutes and several other passengers had gotten up to use the restroom, but when she rose from her seat, a flight attendant asked her to sit back down. An argument ensued, during which the flight attendant asked her if she'd like to exit the plane. Selter says she sarcastically replied "yes," and soon the pilot was asked to come over to speak with her, escalating the situation.

"People kept coming up to me. And then, all of a sudden, five male officers come at me. And it was really frightening," Selter said of the incident in an interview with Good Morning America.

In videos that Selter posted to her Twitter account, several passengers can be heard telling the pilot that the flight crew are harassing her.

In a separate video, a woman who exited the plane in protest of how Selter was treated, can be seen talking about the incident.


While Good Morning America reported that American Airlines claims to have offered Selter accommodations for the night, which she allegedly declined, Selter alleged on Twitter that "your employees working that night did NOT offer ANY accommodations. They specifically said if you get taken off, they are not responsible anymore and that we can sleep in the airport."

Despite the incident, Selter is said to have taken an American Airlines flight Sunday to New York City.