FDA Approves Drug to Boost Women's Libido

(Photo: Getty Images)

The Food and Drug Administration made history Tuesday by approving the world's first drug designed to boost a woman's sexual desire, the Washington Post reports.

The drug (flibanserin) will be marked as Addyi. Its manufacturer, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, said it might be available as soon as Oct. 17. Pre-menopausal women diagnosed with "chronic and distressingly low" sexual desire can get the Addyi via prescription.

This is the third time in five years the FDA had considered approving the drug. USAToday notes the big difference this time around was the backing of 11 members of Congress as well as the advocacy group, Even the Score.

Some tout the pill as the female Viagara, but it's pretty different. While men take Viagara in anticipation of sex, Addyi would follow the schedule of oral contraceptives — a pill every day. Its detractors points out its side effects include risk of fainting and low blood sugar.


Even the Score points out staggering results. While on the pill, women experienced two to three "satisfying" sexual experiences a month. Women on the placebo in this study reported (on average) .5 to one satisfying experiences. Even the Score says one in 10 women suffers from low sexual desire.