Father Charged for Murdering Wife, 2 Daughters

Jacob Daniel Forman was charged with three counts of second-degree murder on Thursday after the bodies of his wife and two young daughters were found in his home.

Police in Kelowna, British Columbia found the bodies in Forman's home on Tuesday, though court documents obtained by CTV News suggest that the victims likely died Sunday.

"Obviously he's facing the worst possible thing he could be facing at this point in time," Forman's lawyer, Glenn Verdurmen told reporters from CTV Vancouver. "I can't really speak for him, but he's obviously holding up in court today, and I'm able to take instructions from him."

Forman orVerdurmen have yet to respond to the charges.

Forman reportedly met his wife, Clara Forman, in Mexico over a decade ago, where he was studying to become a pastor at the time. The two of then moved up to Kelowna about 10 years ago and started their family. Clara worked as a fitness instructor, while Forman was the supervisor for a plumbing company before his arrest.


Forman is in this 30s. His Facebook timeline, as well as Clara's, are full of photos and videos depicting a happy family, celebrating birthdays and holidays, laughing, smiling, and watching their daughters grow up. Neighbors have expressed their shock to reporters.

"It's terrible at this time of year. With kids involved, it's just heart-wrenching actually," said Jeff McLeod, a fellow Kelowna resident.