Far-Right Group Incited Riot Outside Minneapolis Police Precinct During George Floyd Protests, Feds Claim

The FBI has brought new charges against the far-right group 'Boogaloo Bois,' claiming that they [...]

The FBI has brought new charges against the far-right group "Boogaloo Bois," claiming that they coordinated the attack outside of a Minneapolis police precinct back in May. The city saw massive protests over the murder of George Floyd back in May. Still, there was little consensus over who was causing the spurts of violence and property destruction — and what their political motives might have been. According to a report by The Hill, federal authorities now think they know at least one group who was stirring conflict.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Minnesota announced the FBI's legal complaint against "the Boogaloo Bois" on Friday, accusing the group of trying to "incite a riot." The complaint brings charges against 26-year-old Ivan Harrison Hunter, an active member of the Boogaloo Bois on social media. Authorities have evidence that he communicated with others about plans to stir up violence in Minneapolis in May. Hunter is from Boerne, Texas, and he said other instigators traveled from out of state to take part. Federal agents have additional evidence — including video of Hunter firing an illegal gun.

The FBI reportedly has footage showing an individual walking up to the Third Precinct in Minneapolis on the night of May 28 and firing 13 rounds from "what appears to be an AK-47-style semiautomatic rifle." The shooter then high-fives other individuals nearby, shouting sarcastically: "justice for George Floyd!"

The Third Precinct building was overrun in the confusion that ensued, and throughout the night, it was severely damaged by fire.

Hunter later wrote on social media: "I set fire to that precinct with the Black community... Minneapolis third precinct." In June, Hunter was stopped by traffic police in Texas, who found six loaded magazines for an AK-47 style assault rifle on his person.

Other individuals connected with the incident are now cooperating with federal authorities. The FBI has reportedly been investigating the Boogaloo Bois since late May, in part because a Federal Protective Service Officer was killed by a member of the group in Oakland, California, on May 29. The suspect, Steven Carrillo, has been arrested and charged.

Hunter was charged as well, the FBI announced this week. However, even as tangible evidence against far-right militia groups continues to emerge, President Donald Trump and other public officials continue to insist that they are not the problem in the violent clashes at protests around the country.