Here Is Everything Closed on Black Friday

It can be hard to keep track of what's opened and what's closed around the holidays. With Black Friday creeping in on Thanksgiving more and more every year, knowing where you can and can't go the day after stuffing yourself with turkey is getting more and more complicated. While Thanksgiving is considered a national holiday, Black Friday isn't, but that doesn't stop schools and most workplaces from closing. So is that the same for banks and the post office and stores?

If you have something you need to get in the mail, or if you're just eagerly awaiting the arrival of a package, the post office has you covered on Black Friday. Mail won't be delivered the day of Thanksgiving, but a normal delivery schedule will resume on Friday. And if you're a fan of the stock market, the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are open with limited hours.

Have a check that you need to cash? You're in luck! Most bank branches are open for normal hours this Friday, but there is an exception to that rule. Bank branches in locations that are closed on Black Friday, such as college campuses, are also closed for the day. Small credit unions and local banks may also be closed, Money reports.

When it comes to stores, it's no secret that virtually all stores in the U.S. will be open the day following Turkey Day with special extended hours and money saving sales. However, outdoor retailer REI won't be following that trend, instead opting to remain closed on Black Friday to encourage people to enjoy the great outdoors rather than spend the day in the mall. More than 75 other major retailers are also choosing to close their doors on Thanksgiving, with some keeping them closed for Black Friday.


With the severe storms and winter chill expected to hit later this week, it may be better to just stay inside, though.