Easter Bunny Gets in Brawl in Downtown Orlando, Lands Multiple Swings

A person dressed as the Easter bunny was involved in a street fight in Orlando on Sunday that has now become a viral video.

Easter in Orlando saw a strange visit from the Easter bunny this year, as a fight broke out in downtown Orlando, Florida. A local promoter who goes by the name of Workkk posted a video of the encounter, which took place on Orange Avenue late on Sunday night. He later told reporters from Orlando Weekly about how the fight started.

The brawl allegedly began when a man bumped into a woman on the street. Before long, fists were flying, and the Easter bunny was the third person to enter the fray. In the videos from the scene, onlookers can be heard yelling "Beat his a—! Beat his a—!"

Another video later emerged showing a different angle of the fight. It showed the whole fight from across the street, where other passersby had stopped to watch.

"As you can see the Easter rabbit been taking boxing classes," said Workkk. "S— was hilarious."
Luckily, the video also shows a bystander and a police officer on a bicycle breaking up the fight. When reporters from Orlando Weekly contacted the Orlando Police Department, Sgt. David Baker said that no one was charged in the fight.

"The officer on-scene broke up the incident and dispersed the parties involved," Baker said in a statement. "No arrests or reports were completed."

Meanwhile, the videos of the fight have made the rounds on social media and other online outlets, where onlookers are losing it over the Easter bunny's moves. Many have commented with crying-laughing emojis, remarking on the strange holiday phenomena.

"You're lucky the tooth fairy wasn't there," wrote one user on WorldStarHipHop.com.


"Word from the grapevine is that one n— found the golden egg and the other n— was heated so he tried to steal that h—," joked another. "Easter bunny came in with the punishment for touching another mans egg."

The Easter bunny still has yet to be identified.