Dr. Pimple Popper Squirts Cyst in Latest Popaholic Video

Dr. Sandra Lee's latest Dr. Pimple Popper video is a short one, but it does not disappoint. The video shows why it is important for you not to scratch a pimple.

At the beginning of the clip, Lee says the patient was in a previous YouTube video with 3 million views. However, Lee does not reveal her patients' identities.

The patient's cyst started to come back, but it is thankfully "superficial," according to Lee. In the video, we see her cut open the cyst, then apply pressure to it to help gunk emerge. During the procedure, Lee says it looks like she scratched it. The patient admitted she scratches it when she gets anxious.

"That's what people do," Lee noted.

As BestAcneTreatment.org notes, it is dangerous to scratch a pimple. The biggest danger is creating a scar.

"Scarring of the skin is not good and it can take a very long time to heal. For some people, it is worse than getting pimples itself," the site reads.

Another danger is aggravating the skin, leading to new pimples. It is also unhygienic and you can spread bacteria from your hand to the face, causing acne to spread.

Thankfully for the patient in Lee's latest video, it was mostly superficial, and was not painful. Lee later discovered a second cyst, which was a little more difficult to remove. However, the site of the procedure was so small that she did not even have to stitch it together.

According to the video description, the cyst was an epidermoid cyst, which "is a benign growth commonly found in the skin and typically appears on the face, neck or trunk, but can occur anywhere on the body." They are usually harmless.

"Epidermoid cysts result from the reproduction of epidermal cells within a confined space of the dermis," according to Lee. "The pasty contents are mostly composed of macerated keratin (wet skin cells), which creates this 'cheesy' consistency, and there can be a pungent odor."

Lee's fans, known as Popaholics, were not particularly impressed with this video. "It was a good one, but [too] short. Bring back the long videos. I still loves guys," one person wrote.

"Hmm not exciting yet good one. LOL," another added.

"Who ever filmed this seemed drunk haha focus was all over," another fan added.

"I've been avoiding a lot of your more recent videos because of the shakiness of the camera," another fan wrote. "This one was no different... not to mention bad focus. Really disappointing content from you."


There might be a few people not happy with Lee's recent videos, but they are in the minority. She still has over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and has a TLC series in the works.

Photo credit: YouTube / Dr. Pimple Popper