Dr. Pimple Popper Shares Throwback Video That Will Make You Wonder Why You Can't Look Away

Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as "Dr. Pimple Popper," shared a mesmerizing throwback Thursday clip, depicting her doing what she does best: popping a pimple.

In the clip, which has over 7,000 views, a camera shows Lee popping a pimple on a man's arm. She talks to her patient, who frequently visits her office as a driver, as it's his job to take samples to a lab.

Surprisingly, the man doesn't feel any pain during the entire procedure. As Lee squeezes his pimple, she suggests that it might have been a blood clot, or "a little mixture of stuff."

"You had a pomegranate seed in your arm!" she jokes at one point.

Even after the procedure is over, Lee keeps the video going, showing her stitching the cut in the man's arm.

Next, Lee and her nurse examine what they took out of the man's arm before showing viewers what the clot looks like under a microscope.

Three weeks later, the man's arm looked good as new!

Lee has over 2.9 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views for her videos of pimple-popping. She also posts clips on Twitter, where she has over 66,000 followers.


According to The Cut, Lee can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just from the videos alone.

"I hear people watch my videos before they go to sleep at night," Lee told Cosmopolitan in 2015. "People say during finals week they watch them before their test because it helps them relax and calm down. I think in the past there are people who have been watching this stuff privately, kind of like pornography. They are embarrassed to let people know they are into this stuff. I think I have made it more acceptable. People realize there is a broader audience, and they are not alone. They shouldn't be so embarrassed about it."