Dr. Pimple Popper Rings in the Weekend With 'Mashed Potatoes' on the Waistline

Dr. Pimple Popper star Dr. Sandra Lee sent her Popaholics into the weekend with a side of "mashed potatoes." However, it's not the kind of mashed potatoes you want to eat.

On Instagram, Leeposted a cyst pop, with green ooze pouring out of it after she opened it. In the video, Lee asked the patient how he could let the cyst grow so large before he saw a dermatologist, especially since it was right at his waistline.

"Mashed potatoes on the waistline," Lee wrote in the caption. She also included the hashtags "Just Keep Coming" and "Happy Friday."

The clip comes from a May 2016 clip called "Inflamed Egg-Shaped Cyst Removed, Right inguinal area." The 12-minute video has over 8.09 million views.

According to the video, the cyst was right at the man's waistline. Since the cyst was inflamed, Lee decided not to close the cyst by stitching it as she might with other patients. Instead, she squeezed out as much gunk as she could and left it open to heal and close by itself.

"This patient has an epidermoid cyst which has recently become inflamed and 'infected,'" Lee explained in the video description. "I put 'infected' in quotes, because technically this is not an infection: When an epidermoid cyst ruptures, it creates a vigorous foreign body inflammatory response - this skin becomes warm, tender, painful, and swells, simulating an abscess."

She continued, "Incision and Drainage (I & D) will confirm the diagnosis of inflamed cyst, when the cheesy, sometimes odiferous material is evacuated, and this process often leads to rapid resolution of symptoms. These episodes are often misdiagnosed as 'infection' of the cyst, but cultures are usually negative and antibiotic treatments is not required. Intralesional steroids can hasten the resolution of symptoms as well."

For many fans, this cyst video is one of Lee's best videos.

"This is one of my favorite cysts.... I've watched it so many times. I always forget how generous this cyst was. Keeps giving & giving," one fan wrote.


"The cyst that keeps on giving!" another fan wrote.


Lee has over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 2.7 million Instagram followers. She is reportedly getting a TLC series, after the network aired a special featuring her in January.

Photo credit: YouTube/ Dr. Pimple Popper