Dr. Pimple Popper's 'Crab' Cyst Video Has Viewers in Awe

Dr. Sandra Lee jumped on the Cardi B bandwagon for her short Dr. Pimple Popper pop, setting the oozing footage to one of the songs the rapper performed on Saturday Night Live. The clip left Lee's Popaholics entranced.

On Saturday afternoon, Lee posted an excerpt from one of her YouTube videos, writing, "Be careful with that cyst." Lee set the video to "Be Careful," perfectly timing it to the lyrics.

In the clip, Lee cuts open the cyst, and starts squeezing it. The gunk comes out looking like a crab.

Popaholics loved the video, and laughed at Lee's choice of music.

"This song ended up fitting the circumstances so well," one person wrote.

"It looks like a little crab at the end," another added.

"Sometimes I worry about how much I enjoy these videos," another fan wrote.

"Best use of this song," another chimed in.

Lee also posted the Cardi B inspired clip on Instagram, where it has been viewed over 635,00 times.

"That CRAB came out and is gonna bite, says my 2 year old with scared eyes," one Instagram follower wrote.

"Looks like a crab [climbing out] of a hole in the sand," another wrote.

One more Popaholic simply blurted out, "Crabby!!!"

Last week, Lee confirmed reports from earlier this year that TLC has ordered a show based on her popping videos. She said the series will include 12 episodes, and the producers are now looking for potential patients with skin problems to feature in the show.

"Crazy and unbelievable how far pimple popping has come in the last 3 years," she wrote.

"Dr Pimple Popper has turned into a brand, with fun merchandising like mugs and T-shirts and a skin-care range – I wanted to provide products for people with skin conditions who can't see a dermatologist," Lee recently told the Mirror. "I think it continues to grow because pimple popping makes people happy. Fans love to watch it, and I feel good about changing a patient's whole outlook on life."

Lee found fame on Instagram first, when she started posting short clips in 2015. She gained a following and launched a channel on YouTube, where she now has over 3.5 million followers.


"Be Careful" was one of the songs Cardi B performed on Saturday Night Live this weekend. She wore a skin-tight white dress, which confirmed rumors she is pregnant.

Photo Credit: Twitter/ Dr. Pimple Popper