Here's What Happens to Donald Trump's Podium Before Each Coronavirus Pandemic Briefing

Since the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, Donald Trump's daily press briefings have become a regular occurrence. Using the press room at the White House, and sometimes the Rose Garden, Trump has tried to hold the nation's attention to varying degrees while the coronavirus task force has shared information related to the pandemic.

And while some are questioning the response by the president nationwide, it can't be denied that the environment around Trump has taken no chances. All reporters in the briefings are required to be tested, anybody visiting the White House is tested, and his podium during the briefings is cleaned by someone wearing a mask and gloves.

NBC News reporter Kelly O'Donnell shared a look at the briefing room before Sunday's press conference. While it seems normal by the current standards people are living by around the globe, it is a sight that many didn't expect given the president's past comments.

Many commented on O'Donnell's post to make that very point, calling back to Trump's prior comments related to the coronavirus, China's involvement, and other prior claims made that have since been found as false.

"I thought this was no worse than the flu?" one wrote.

"But why? Pretty sure it's all a democrat hoax and it'll be down to zero real soon," another added.

"They certainly take care of themselves, who cares about anyone else," a third wrote.


"Wouldn’t it be interesting if the president behaved as irresponsibly for his own health as he’s asking Americans to behave?" another added in.

Trump's most recent press briefing on Sunday included much of the same from Trump, and very little new information about efforts against the coronavirus. He continued to target the media, criticize Mitt Romney despite including all Republican senators but Romney on the economic recovery team. He also sparred with CBS reporter Weijia Jiang over his comments in February that the coronavirus was a hoax, telling her to "relax" and "keep your voice down," which has been called sexist by former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson and others.