Watch Stormy Daniels Play Coy About Rumored Donald Trump Affair

Adult film star Stormy Daniels, who has been in headlines lately for recently unearthed details about an alleged affair she had with President Donald Trump years ago, stopped just short of saying on TV that she had sex with Trump in the early days of his marriage to Melania Trump.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, Daniels played coy about her past with President Trump, but told the comedian host that she did not authorize a signed statement under her name denying the affair, which was spread online Tuesday by several media outlets.

When asked if she had any idea where the statement came from, Daniels said, "It came from the internet."

"I'm also an FBI agent and I'm a man, according to the internet today," she said, dismissing the statement, which featured a signature of hers that does not match with a past version of her signature.

Kimmel read highlights from In Touch Weekly magazine's transcript of a 2011 interview with Daniels, including graphic details of her having sex with Trump at a Lake Tahoe hotel. Kimmel asked Daniels whether any of it was true.

"Define true," she responded.

When Kimmel got to the part about Trump asking her to sign a copy of one of her videodiscs, she joked, "Well, he does have good taste, I guess."

Daniels has been in the news as of late next to the president's name after The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump had a years-long affair with Daniels, and that Trump's lawyer paid her $130,000 to keep it quiet.

WSJ reported that President Trump's long-time lawyer, Michael Cohen, arranged the payment just one month before the 2016 presidential election. It was made "as part of an agreement that precluded her from publicly discussing an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump."

Following the report, news broke of an unpublished 2011 interview Daniels did with In Touch, in which Daniels reportedly described sex with Trump as "textbook."

That first encounter reportedly took place less than four months after Trump's wife Melania gave birth to Barron, their now-11-year-old son. Afterwards, the two of them reportedly had a few more encounters of a sexual nature.

A source close to the situation says that along with the complete interview, Daniels details many things about her time with Trump, such as "[w]hat he's like in bed, pillow talk, she talks about what he's like down there…"

In other records that were dug up from Daniels' past, emails surfaced from political operatives who were at the time advising her, in which one operative said Daniels claimed that her affair with Trump included an unusual act: spanking him with a copy of Forbes magazine.

In the emails, the operatives discussed campaign donor options Daniels had contact info for in her phone. Among names like Steve Hirsch, the founder of an adult entertainment company; Theresa Flynt, the daughter of Hustler's Larry Flynt; Frazier Boyd, the owner of a strip club chain; and adult actress Jenna Jameson, was Trump's name and phone number.

That email was sent to Andrea Dubé, a Democratic political consultant based in New Orleans. In response, Dubé expressed surprise that Daniels was friendly with Trump. "Donald Trump?" she wrote. "In her cell phone?"

"Yep," the other consultant replied. "She says one time he made her sit with him for three hours watching 'shark week.' Another time he had her spank him with a Forbesmagazine."


The unnamed campaign operative said that Daniels explained that the spanking came during a series of sexual and romantic encounters with Trump and that it involved a copy of Forbes with Trump on the cover.

The detail matches up with what In Touch is reporting about what Daniels said about her interactions with Trump during a 2011 interview.