Second Stimulus Check: Could You Get a $1,200 Payment or a $4,000 Travel Credit?

A second stimulus check is in the talks, but how Americans could receive it is also up in the air. While the CARES act covered the first round of stimulus checks, the HEROES act was passed by the House but is awaiting approval by Congress. In the meantime, other ideas have been thrown on the table, including a $4,000 travel credit.

"Create an Explore America tax credit that Americans can use for domestic travel, including visits to restaurants," President Donald Trump proposed during a May round-table discussion inside the White House. "That's a big deal." Adding to his idea, the US Travel Association suggested the temporary tax credit that would include gas, lodging and food. According to, it's unclear whether the credit would be included with a payment or in replacement of.

If a second round of funding is approved, a few things would change following criticism from the first check. While some Americans received their check without a problem, others had several issues. Anything ranging from delayed payments to families not getting an extra amount to cover their dependents. However, if a second one were to be dispersed, families could receive more this time.

While HEROES will set the limit of who receives what amount, single taxpayers with adjusted gross income of $75,000 will qualify. This also includes married couples with a combined income of no more than $150,000 who filed their taxes jointly. Previously, parents with children age 17 and up did not receive an extra $500 for their dependent, but that would change with the new round. Instead, they'll get an additional $1,200 for each child up to three.


On top of that, Americans who are married to immigrants will also receive a check, even if their spouse does not have a social security number. During the CARES Act, everyone was required to have a social security. Those who will not qualify are wealthier families — except if they have dependants that qualify. Similar to the first stimulus checks, the cutoff will be $98,000 for single taxpayers and $199,000 for married couples.

There is still no timeline on when or if families will receive a second payment but in May, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Congress would decide in about "a month" on whether there would be a second payment or not. However, the White House officials say they could work on their own proposal in July.