Donald Trump Praises Jon Voight for Role in 'Ray Donovan' and Twitter Has Thoughts

Donald Trump had Twitter in an uproar after he praised actor Jon Voight for his role in the Showtime series Ray Donovan. The 45th president of the United States took to Twitter to gush over Voight, 80, who has been open in his support for the president in the past.

"Academy Award winning actor (and great guy!) [Jon Voight] is fantastic in the role of Mickey Donovan in the big television hit, Ray Donovan. From Midnight Cowboy to Deliverance to The Champ (one of the best ever boxing movies), & many others, Jon delivers BIG," Trump wrote. "Also, LOVES THE USA!"

Many Twitter users responded to Trump's tweet directly, with some agreeing with him and others calling him out for what they thought was a transparent attempt to praise one of Trump's few Hollywood supporters.

"One of the few actors left we can respect," one Twitter user wrote.

"Jon Voight is great and a true patriot. Lets get some more people like him in liberal Hollywood," someone else said.

"John (sic) Voight hasn't been relevant since the 70's except for his daughter [Angelina Jolie] who doesn't speak to him," another wrote.

"Jon Voight is a d—head, just like you," wrote author Jeffrey Guterman.

As Voight's name began to trend on Twitter, many thought it was because he had died. Others roasted both men.

"Conservatives: Celebrities should stay the f— out of politics. Also Conservatives: Support a failing game show host for president & cream their pants whenever Jon Voight or Kid Rock get political," one Twitter user wrote.

"With all the serious issues facing America and the world, Trump is more concerned with Home Alone 2 and Jon Voight," someone else said.

It's not the first time Trump and Voight have traded compliments. In August, Voight praised Trump as the "greatest president of this century," which led to many polarized reactions on the social media platform. Voight hit out at the "radical left" for expressing "hate" and "extreme anger" toward Trump.

"This is not peace," Voight said in a video. "This is not love. This is hate among the radical left. No amount of book smart will show the given policy of what truth stands for. Truth is a powerful emotion. Love ... is what we should be voting for."

Earlier that month, Voight argued that Trump "is not a racist, but a man who loves his country and has every intention to make this land great again" in another Twitter video.


Voight currently sits on the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' board of trustees after being appointed by Trump in March 2019.

Photo credit: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / Contributor / Getty